About Us


Our vision is to empower people to take back control of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. We also aim to provide a healthy holiday experience that is unique, fun, and inspiring!

Our Restart Health Escapes provide fun and challenging exercise and activity, delicious healthy eating, relaxing body therapies, and time for rejuvenating and rebalancing mind, body and spirit.

We emphasize and focus on changing intrinsic attitudes and values to healthy living to bring about ongoing lifestyle change. So you will feel great during your stay, and you’ll feel even better in the months ahead!

The Managing Director and Primary Facilitator of Restart is Steve Moar.


Steve has had a lifelong passion for fitness, health and wellbeing. He has an extensive background in health sciences with university qualifications in Physical Education, Exercise Science, Remedial Therapies, Chinese Medicine, and Human Nutrition. Steve is accredited as a Nutritionist, Acupuncturist and Remedial Therapist with the Australian Natural Therapists Association, is a registered practitioner with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board, and an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and member of Exercise and Sports Science Australia. He has a strong understanding and appreciation of both Eastern and Western health philosophies, and more than 25 years practical experience providing health education, coaching and exercise programs, lifestyle management and injury rehabilitation to help people attain optimal health and wellbeing. When he isn’t helping run our health escape programs, Steve works full time in private practice, and is also an accredited facilitator for Diabetes Victoria’s Life! Program.

Restart’s key facilitators and consultants include:


After completing an Arts degree and working in banking and finance, Sally became interetsed in holistic health when looking for alternatives when dealing with her own medical issues. She ultimately went on to study remedial therapies, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and naturopathy. Her strong interest in health and fitness also lead her to becoming a qualified personal trainer, pilates instructor, and certified angel card reader. In addition Sally has also to attained a 2nd Dan blackbelt in Taekwondo. Sally has travelled extensively, and is passionate about blending health and fitness with the diversity of experiencing other cultures. Sally aims to empower people to look better, feel better and think better.


Miranda is one of Australia’s leading Personal Trainers, Coaches and Fitness Educators. She has an extensive background working with individuals, teams and organisations in the areas of physical transformation, nutrition,cognitive performance and self-management. Miranda is also an experienced lecturer with the Australian Institute of Fitness as well as having studied in the areas of nutrition, Chinese Medicine and blood analysis. Miranda is an elite level running coach and athlete with a background in triathlon, ironman, ultra-marathons, and adventure running.


Through a holistic approach to training and physical education Elise aims to inspire, encourage and guide those with the drive to improve their health by developing a self sustainable future. She is the founder and owner of Little Bantam Health and Fitness, and using a wide range of training and recovery techniques, Elise has developed a unique surf sytyle training program that has proven to be ideal for improving core strength, flexibility, agility, balance and endurance. Elise’s health philosophy can be summed up by this quote… “It’s not about having a six-pack, the biggest muscles on the block or a thigh gap. It’s about feeling good, being strong,caring for yourself and feeling energetic and excited as you travel through life.”

Together, our main facilitators have a vast amount of combined knowledge and experience. In addition, we utilize the expertise of local health and fitness professionals to assist with some of our activities.

We look forward to creating positive change to your life!